Pets for Vets Act


Effective January 1, 2020, new legislation passed that California veterans will no longer need to pay pet adoption fees at public animal shelters. Under Senate Bill 245 (aka the Pets for Vets Act), veterans will be able to adopt a cat or dog and have their adoption fee waived. OC Animal Care will verify the veteran status by using the state’s existing “VETERAN” driver’s license designation.

A few important notes regarding SB 245:

  • Only a current and valid CA Driver's License or ID with the word "VETERAN" will be accepted.
  • No other form of verification or documentation will be accepted; i.e. DD214 or VA Medical Card.
  • This new law is only available to California veterans; spouses and family members are not eligible.
  • OC Animal Care may limit the number of animals to one per veteran in a 6-month period.
  • Veterans will need to pay any pet license and microchipping fees is applicable.

Orange County is proud to support this new law and looks forward to connecting veterans with OC Animal Care for assistance with discounted pet adoption!