The benefit programs referenced below are very complex and the applications can be overwhelming. You are welcome to utilize the technical expertise and skills of our Veterans Service Office Staff to complete the forms, provide technical advice, package and submit your claims and be your advocate on your claims.

California Veterans Resource Book


Unauthorized Representation of Claimants and Unlawful Solicitation of Fees

Veterans disability claims. There are two categories:

  1. Compensation is a claim for official recognition of a medical condition that was treated while on active duty or within a presumptive period after leaving active duty. Compensation provides monetary monthly disability payments and free medical treatment for service connection conditions. (Ref: VA Form 21-526EZ)
  2. Pension is a program for war time veterans only, who are totally disabled, not related to military service, or are age 65 or older and have a below the poverty level annual family income. The Pension Program provides a monetary benefit that is the difference between the federally defined poverty limit and the eligible veterans annual family income. The application for either pension program is a 21-527EZ.
  • Spouses and Dependents
    This benefit provides compensation for service connected conditions including Diabetes II, any one of several cancers from Vietnam service or radiation exposure, Hepatitis C from Vietnam service, or any medically diagnosed condition that was diagnosed during the period of active duty. Certain medical or psychiatric conditions that were diagnosed years after leaving active duty may also lead to viable claims. Totally disabled veterans with low income and wartime period of service may be eligible for veterans pension compensation under this claim. benefits in certain cases.
  • Burial/Death Benefits (21P-530)
    All veterans with an honorable discharge are entitled to receive no cost internment in a National Veterans Cemetery. Mortuary charges will be paid by the veterans family or friends.
  • Dependency & Indemnity Compensation * Death Pension * Accrued Benefits by a Surviving Spouse or Child (21-534EZ)
    Surviving spouse or children of a deceased veteran may be entitled to receive benefits if the veteran’s death occurred in service, when a veteran dies of a service-connected disability, or in certain circumstances if a veteran rated totally disabled from service-connected disability dies from non-service-connected conditions.
  • Education Application (22-1990)
    You may be entitled to receive VA Education Benefits under Chapter 30, Chapter 32 or Chapter 1606.
  • Military Records (SF –180)
    To request military medical records, medals, or discharge documents complete Form SF-180. Requested documents will be mailed via hard copy files and / or microfiche records. For more information regarding military discharge documents, medical records and medals, visit the National Personnel Records Center


College Tuition Fee Waiver

  • College Tuition/Fees Waiver (DVS-40)
    The College Tuition Fee Waiver for Veterans' Dependents waives mandatory system-wide tuition and fees at any State of California Community College, Campus of the University of California, or Campus of the California State University system. This program does not cover expenses like books, housing and parking. The student must meet the in-state residency requirements as determined by the school.

New student's must complete and submit the following required documents:

College Fee Waiver Plan A

Requirements Check-List

College Fee Waiver Plan B

Requirements Check-List

Signed Election Statement
(Chapter 35 Waiver 2016-2017)

Signed Election Statement
(Chapter 35 Waiver 2017-2018)

Stepchild Certification Form

Stepchild Certification Form

If you are re-applying, complete and submit the documents listed in the check-list above.

  • Verification of Income:
    A copy of the Student's Income Tax Return filed with IRS (1040, 1040EZ, or TeleFile) or FTB must be submitted with the application. If a copy is not available, a statement from the IRS or FTB must be provided verifying the Student's Annual Gross Income (AGI) or that no record of a return was filed.
  • Note:  Student's Annual Gross Income (AGI) for 2016-2017 Academic Year is: $12,331; Student's Annual Gross Income (AGI) for 2017-2018 Academic Year is: $12,486.

ATTENTION: Effective July 1, 2017 there is an updated College Tuition/Fee Waiver form DVS-40 that needs to be filled out. If you have submitted an older form before July 1, 2017 we will continue with that form. You can find the form below for downloading.

  • Applications MUST be complete with all the required supporting documents. Incomplete applications will be returned to the student.
  • The processing time is 14 business days. We will mail an eligibility letter to the student at the address listed on the application. The student is responsible for supplying the letter to the school.